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Side Effects

What side effects should you look out for when using birth control? Our experts explain.

Side Effects

What side effects should you look out for when using birth control? Our experts explain.

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Safe Sex Tips

Safe Sex Topics is a free app available for download through the App Store on iOS devices that discusses safe sex, sexually transmitted diseases, condoms,…

Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles is a birth control app that uses technology to help users learn about their cycles and use birth control…

Period Tracker Plus Ovulation

Period Tracker Plus Ovulation currently has over 1.8 million users and was rated number one in’s “Top 10…

Life – Period Tracker Calendar

Life – Period Tracker Calendar allows you to track more than just your period. In addition to tracking your menstrual…


Eve is a period tracker app that allows women to take control of their health and sex lives by predicting periods and your…


Flo is a period tracker and ovulation calendar app that helps women track their fertility calendar and calculate the chances…

MyPatch Pro

MyPatch Pro is a mobile app that offers many features including reminders to attach your birth control patch, when to switch…

Spot On

Spot On is a one stop application to track your menstrual cycle. It serves as both birth control and a cycle calendar. Teen…

Lady Pill Reminder

“Lady Pill Reminder” is an app that helps you keep track of taking your birth control pills. It is very simple to…

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