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Mobile Apps


Sep 16, 2019


Eve offers numerous tracking benefits. These include:

  • Logging for sexual activity and moods
  • Tracking trends of your body
  • Compatible with Health App for tracking menstrual cycle, height, weight, sleep, and much more



Eve is an app created by the company Glow ‘for your period & sex life”. You can try Eve 7 days for free. Your subscription will be automatically renewed if not cancelled within 24 hours before the end of the free trial. The yearly subscription is $47.99, and a monthly subscription is offered for $7.99. Eve is available for download in the App and Play Store.

The Epic Community feature allows you to discuss your sex life and health in a group of women with similar goals and interests.”

Interactive Tracking

You can easily track your period through Eve’s interactive feature. The ‘interactive staircase’ makes viewing your cycle easier than ever. The period tracker feature predicts your ovulation and periods and even gets smarter and in tune with your body over time. The calendar view shows when you are most fertile, ovulating, and past menstrual cycles so you can become more knowledgeable about your fertility. 



The Epic Community feature allows you to discuss your sex life and health in a group of women with similar goals and interests. The Bedsider app combines with Flo by Glow to offer information on sex and birth control. One main benefit of the community feature is being able to ask questions about your menstrual cycle, fertility, and sex life from others who have been in your shoes.

Mobile Apps

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Eve offers numerous tracking benefits. These include logging for sexual activity and mood, tracking trends of your body, and…


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